I was recently asked where I got my style from; I didn’t have an answer at the time because selfreflection is something that should be done before you actually need to have done it. But I have thought on it, and I’ve come up with an answer that I find somewhat suitable. There are many influences that one can glean from an artist’s work, but I think the hardest hitting two for me are Ralph Steadman and Hewitt/Martin. They’re artists who used the vitriolic power of their minds and generation to move masses and create something beautiful through their oddities. I think it’s important to show the imperfections in people and art, because so often we try to hide flaws in ourselves and others. Sometimes the things we love about other people are the things they might want to have changed about themselves, and taking that thing away is denying a part of the beauty. It’s all about the lens you view from, and I hope mine doesn’t blur what I see in people.